Flipped IRSPBL 2020/2021

Moving towards a virtual PBL community

The Aalborg PBL Centre, Aalborg University (Denmark) has the pleasure to organise a series of webinars around the IRSPBL 2020 contributions as kick off for IRSPBL 2021 conference.


The webinar is organised around three sessions. The sessions address sustainability, complexity, interdisciplinarity, social interactions and future competences. These are trends  in higher education, especially in engineering education, which call for flexible and student-centred curriculum approaches.

In this webinar, authors and participants have the opportunity to discuss and reflect, for example, on what kind of PBL curriculum, learning spaces and competences are needed for the future, how students understanding of sustainability evolve in a whole system PBL environment and what their implications, among other aspects.

  • SESSION 1 - 13:00 - 13:55 CEST
    Sustainability, Complexity and Interdisciplinarity – Generating innovative and interdisciplinary knowledge and practice: PBL and future complex challenges 

  • SESSION 2 - 13:00-13:55 CEST
    PBL, cognition and social interactions – Processes and Tools to Develop Collaborative Competences
  • SESSION 3 - 14:00 - 14:55 CEST
    Development and awareness of Future Competences and Learning Spaces



Participation is free of charge

Please registre here


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    Participants and authors

    Information and online gudielines for authors and participants


    • Arrive on time if not a little early so you can iron out any audio/visual equipment issues before starting.
    • Webcams on where possible or a picture on your profile account. 
    • Set microphones to mute when not speaking.
    • Questions or thoughts should be made in the chat. The maderator will get to your questions and answer them when appropriate.
    • Call in from a quiet, well-lit location.
    • Get familiar with the tools you are going to be using. https://zoom.us/test
    • Close down extra tabs unless necessary.
    • Shut down other devices taking up bandwidth if possible to help ensure a stable connection.
    • Use a headset or earphones where possible to minimize echo and background noise.
    • When speaking, do so slowly and clearly. Be conscious of time.
    • If you need to leave before the meeting, please just opt out quietly. You can join the meeting again if you wish through the same link.
    • You can read the papers/abstracts beforehand here



    • We advise authors to read each others papers. The plenum discussion will be across presentations and looking ahead into the future.
    • Prepare a short presentation, three-four slides containing;
      1. the main message of the paper,
      2. the main contributions of the paper to the PBL landscape and community,
      3. a point for discussion about PBL and its future contributions for engineering education development
    • Pre-record your presentation, if possible, and especially if your internet connection is not reliable and might fail during live presentation.  
    • Send your PowerPoint or pre-recorded, presentation to us by email at least two days before the webinar take place. In case of eventual technical problems, we are able to show your presentation.
    • The presenters will be admitted in the zoom room 30 min before the webinar starts to test their equipment. 
    • There will be a trial two days before where all authors will be invited personally.




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    Register here

    The Webinars will be held on the online platform, Zoom. 

    • When registrered you will recieve the link and passcode for the webinar on the same day where the webinar takes place.  If you do not recieve the information, please contact the administration at irspbl2021@aau.dk
    • The webinars will be recorded as these recordings will be used as a part of the PBL Week 2021. If you have questions about the use of the recordings please contact irspbl2021@aau.dk.
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    Aim and Vision

    Due to the postponement of the PBL Week 2020 the IRSPBL committe and the advisory board for IRSPBL decided to publish the proceedings and give the authors the oppertunity to present their contribution to the PBL Community. 

    The webinars are a way to keep momentum in the PBL community and to will therebt function as a kickoff for the PBL Week 2021 where IRSPBL will be held in conjunction with the conference PBL2021.

    The aim of these webinars are therefore; 

    • Give the authors the opportunity to present their IRSPBL 2020 contributions,​

    • Share some of what PBL has brought to education, specifically into engineering education,​

    • Discuss and reflect on present studies and experiences,​

    • Provide a platform to revitalise older collaborations and to establish new