Review criteria


The following refers to review criteria used in the IRSPBL 2020 review process. Reviewers should provide clear and constructive comments regarding the manuscript having the following criteria as guidelines.  

General Criteria 

The manuscript: 

  • Complies with the instructions provided in the paper template, including referencing style, available in the conference webpage: ( 

  • Provides an indication on the type of contribution, i.e. research paper, review/ conceptual paper or best practice paper. If not, the reviewers can make a recommendation. 

  • Fits the IRSPBL 2020 theme and topic(s). 

  • Is well written and structured. 

PBL Research

The PBL research track refers to both research and review/ conceptual papers. Besides the above criteria, the manuscript also: 

  • Presents clear research question(s), problem(s), goals and hypothesis, or assumptions.  

  • Discusses the state-of-art and motivation for study. 

  • Discusses relevant theoretical and empirical frameworks that underpin the study. 

  • (If a research paper) Presents an appropriate research methodology, namely methods and instruments for data collection, given the research question(s). 

  • (If a review/ conceptual paper) Describes how the literature review is carried out and, consistently analysed.  

  • Describes the methodological approaches in a clear manner, so other researchers can use, or take inspiration from.  

  • Presents the results in a clear manner and how they answer the research question(s). 

  • Contains critical reflections regarding the results, discussion and conclusions, and their implications for the development of PBL theory and practice. 

  • The references used are relevant according to topics addressed in the paper. 

PBL Best Practice

The PBL best practice track refers to best practice papers. Besides the above general criteria, the manuscript also:  

  • Describes motivations, drivers and, or triggers, for change and PBL implementation. 

  • Describes a PBL practice and its development, including the pedagogical frameworks, sources and, or practices used as inspiration.  

  • Describes the implementation and evaluation of the PBL practice.  

  • Discusses main challenges, lessons learned and futures perspectives regarding the PBL practice described. 

  • Contains critical reflections regarding the development of a PBL practice and its implications for other contexts and practitioners. 

  • The references used are relevant according to topics addressed in the paper.