The Online Platforms

Online platforms

IRSPBL2021 - an online conference

Due to the Covid-pandemic we were forced to run the IRSPBL2021 Conference online. Even though we cannot meet in person we find many advantages in the online structure and we were glad to se how the discussions came to life online.

The focus for this online conference has been for all participants to be able to interact with each other and therefore we chose to use one main platform where all information was placed and we then used zoom and wonder as more social platforms.

We aimed to encourage;

  • a more conversational conference
  • networking possibiliites
  • professional dialouge in groups
  • social and personal dialog

When you registered for the conference, you received a conference link to Morresier; if you wish to revisit the conference material, you can do so by using your conference link or by signing in to Morressier.