Conference venue


Aalborg University, CREATE Bulding

Rendsburggade 14

DK-9000 Aalborg


CREATE, which is part of the new Aalborg City Campus, aims to create coherence between the university’s different creative departments. Additionally, the purpose of the building is to become an attractive meeting place for the citizens of Aalborg.

CREATE is designed by renowned Danish Henning Larsen Architects, who also designed the neighbouring new student residences, providing housing for 240 students.

All conference sessions and workshops for the PAN-PBL will take place at the CREATE campus, making it easy for par- ticipants to find their way around between sessions, creating a good an intimate conference structure. This ensures a comfortable and easygoing atmosphere at the conference in Aalborg, and will allow guests to benefit the most from their staying in Aalborg.


Aalborg University was founded in 1974, and currently counts with approximately 20.500 students and 3.700 employ- ees, across three campuses: Aalborg (Main), Esbjerg and Copenhagen. Aalborg University comprises five faculties: Hu- manities, Social Sciences, Engineering and Science, IT and Design, Medicine.

The Aalborg PBL model is the DNA of AAU and is embedded in the culture, but also in the physical space. All students do have study space. 50% of students’ time working on projects, mostly semester projects. 50% of students’ time attending lectures supporting the projects.

The projects start out with a phase of problem identification and analyses. The problems are most often real problems where students work together with external stakeholders. But purely academic projects also exist.