Stayiing in Aalborg

Staying in Aalborg

By 2020, more than 2000 hotel rooms, ranging from hostels to the modern and discreet atmosphere of the international chain hotels and classic privately owned hotels, will be available. All of them within comforta- ble walking distance of the PAN-PBL conference venue, as well as the shopping and restaurant district.

This combined with a compact, lively and charming city centre not only creates a perfect conference infra- structure but also a relaxed and intimate social setting for the participants. Aalborg City was recently listed as one of 52 Places to visit in 2019. Click here to learn more.


Radisson BLU Limfjord Hotel ****

USD 185-215 incl. breakfast

First Hotel Aalborg ***

USD 160-195 incl. breakfast

CABINN Aalborg **

USD 90-155 incl. breakfast


Though Denmark is hardly known as a tropical-, beach-friendly country, the summer in Denmark may come as a shock to newcomers: especially during the past decade has the average temperature in Denmark risen substantially.

In 2018, Denmark had the highest number of hours with sun ever measured and according to the Danish Institute for Meteorology (DMI), the weather is expected to be just as great in 2019. The high temperatures in Aalborg and other coastal cities is caused by the warm, North Atlantic current which comes from the tropical sea of the east coast of the United States of America.

Though the temperatures may vary during the summer in Denmark, the average temperature is expected to be +20 degrees. Learn more about the Danish summers- and temperature here, on the official DMI website.