Traveling to Aalborg


Aalborg airport, the main gateway to North Denmark, is conveniently located just a short 10 minute transfer from downtown Aalborg. It offers daily direct connections between Aalborg, Amsterdam (NL), Oslo, Copen- hagen and London. Click here to visit the airport webpage.


From the airport, you can take a taxi or bus directly to Aalborg city centre and the conference venue. Prices for taxi (approximately): 150 DKKR / 15 pounds / 20 euro / 23 USD
Prices for bus (approximately): 16-22 DKKR / 1.5-2 pounds / 2-3 euro / 2,5-3,5 USD

Busses from Aalborg Airport run almost every 15 minutes – to learn more about bus arrivals and departures, click here.

Phone-numbers for taxi-companies in Aalborg: Dan Taxi Aalborg / +45 98 10 10 10
Dan Taxi Hjørring / +45 98 92 47 00
Dan Taxi Thisted / +45 97 92 04 22 Frederikshavn Taxa / +45 98 42 13 11 Himmerlands Taxa / +45 98 37 37 37


If you are traveling from a country outside the EU, you may need to acquire a visa for your stay in Denmark. It is recommended, that visa-applications should be handed in 3 months before departure. As a precaution, the application should be sent in as early as possible. Click here to see a list of countries with a visa-requirement (and visa-free countries). If your country is on the list of visa requirements, you can learn more by clicking here.