8th International research symposium on PBL

the IRSPBL2021 (August, 16-17 2021)

Online event

After careful consideration and consulting with Aalborg University management and pandemic experts, we have decided to host the conference online. We are sad that we cannot welcome you to Aalborg in 2021, but we are also excited with the prospects of setting up an interesting online event, where we foresee that many more will have the opportunity to participate and share their thoughts.

More information will come soon. 

What is IRSPBL?

The IRSPBL is part of Aalborg UNESCO Centre strategy and vision which main goal of facilitating universities, and other higher education institutions, to take an active role in educating engineers and scientists so they can participate and contribute to the development of sustainable solutions to the present and emerging social, economic and environmental challenges. The IRSPBL has been one of the meeting places, which gathers researchers, practitioners and industrial partners from all over the world contributing to the PBL landscape. Their contributions cover a number of relevant PBL topics such as assessment, learning outcomes, students’ engagement, management of change, curriculum and course design, PBL models, PBL application, ICT, professional development.


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Flipped IRSPBL 2020/2021

Moving towards a virtual PBL community

A series of webinars around the IRSPBL 2020 contributions as kick off for IRSPBL 2021.

PROGRAMME march 31, 2021

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Proceedings IRSPBL2020


PBL in a pandemic world - August 16-19 2021

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